Go Nuts Kukui Takes Sports Licensing & Tailgate Show by Storm!

Las Vegas, NV – The big hit at this year’s Sports Licensing & Tailgate Show at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas is Go Nuts Kukui. Buyers from around the country flocked to the Go Nuts booth in droves, hoping to learn why their fans back home snap up the collegiate kukui nut products at almost any price. Large retail chains showed particluar interest in the authentic Polynesian products, but mom and pops stores were just as interested.

“Everyone’s talking about them,” said a well-known buyer for a national chain outlet. “I must get two or three calls a week from customers who want to buy them. What I don’t understand though is why there’s two companies at the show that sell them. It was kind of confusing until I learned the story.”

Willie Salava’e, owner of Go Nuts Kukui and originator of the collegiate product line, explained the story to us. “Dayna U is the other company that sells collegiate kukui. But the fact is Dayna took the idea for herself after working with us. There’s big difference between our two companies. Not only are we the only Polynesian company that sells collegiate kukui, we also introduced it to the world! Collegiate kukui is our primary product. For Dayna U, kukui is a secondary line to her jewelry.”

Asked about the company’s dedication to the overall community and the Polynesian people in particular, Salava’e continued: “You’re absolutely right. Our corporate mission is founded on giving back to the community and sharing the Polynesian culture. That’s why we introduced our kukui nut products to the world. We donate thousands of dollars every year to organizations like Save the Tatas, Susan G. Komen and Yellow Ribbon America. We also provide funds from the sale of our kukui nut products to vocational and athletic scholarships in Samoa. And we all know Samoa provides more football players than any other place on earth.”

At eleven o’clock, the Go Nuts Polynesian dancers took the stage and the crowd became mesmerized. Men in traditional Polynesian dress played ceremonial drums as beautiful Polynesian models shimmied and swayed in their coconut tops. Feathers, bright colors and ritual music filled the arena as buyers snapped pictures to bring back home.

One buyer, clearly amazed by the performance, could only utter a single word as the show concluded: “Wow!”

Buyers were particularly interested to learn how many NFL players support Go Nuts Kukui. Ula Matavao, sales representative for the company, explained the reason. “Polynesians are family. We support each other in everything we do. That’s why nearly every player in the NFL has come out in support of Go Nuts Kukui. Not only do they know we’re the original collegiate kukui nut company. They know how dedicated we are to the Polynesian community. Giving back is what we do. It’s as central to our coroporate mission as it is to the Polynesian community. We don’t market our products just to make a buck. We market our products to raise funds to help the Polynesian community and ensure that our young athletes back home have the training and equipment they need to become tomorrow’s star NFL players.”

The Sports Licensing & Tailgate Show continues until tomorrow. Stop by and visit Go Nuts Kukui at Booth #925. And mention this blog for a free give-away!

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2 Responses to Go Nuts Kukui Takes Sports Licensing & Tailgate Show by Storm!

  1. christina Alofaituli bird says:

    Hi I would like to order some team kukui leis for father’s day can you please help me on this, I would to order it ASAP I have heard of it but haven’t seen it and I heard its $10 for one boy I sure do want to buy some so if you can please help me or help me get started Thanks and God bless.

  2. Joed Padin says:

    Hi there, we have a lots of it here at philippines. If you are still intrested to buy please email me at padin_jo@yahoo.com. Thanks and have a good day to you.

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