Scuffle Ensues Outside Sugar Bowl

New Orleans, LA – A scuffle ensued this afternoon when a sports retail outlet ran out of kukui nut necklaces. The necklaces, made from the nut of the kukui tree, the state tree of Hawaii, were emblazoned with the Razorbacks collegiate logo and the crowd went wild. According to the owner, “I had no choice but to auction the last two off. It was pandemonium around here!”

When the auction was over a 32 nut necklace which usually retails for $20 went for an incredible $420! The fan who purchased the lei was delighted but perferred to remain anonymous when interviewed. “My son is a huge Razorbacks fan,” he said. “I just couldn’t come down here and not get him something.”

The necklaces, which have taken the country by storm, have been causing pandemonium nearly everywhere they go. According to company president, Willie Salave’a: “We just can’t keep enough in stock. At tailgates, fan fests, wherever we go…. real fans really DO go nuts for our Go Nuts kukui nut leis and bracelets.

The company, based in Las Vegas, is hoping soon to have licensing from all the major sports leagues. In the meantime though, they’re happy with the popularity of their product. Said one fan: “There just ain’t nothin’ like ’em anywhere around. These kukui nut necklaces are the hottest thing since jerseys!”

For more information or to order your kukui nut necklace, just call the company toll-free at 1-888-839-5538.

You’ll be glad you did!

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One Response to Scuffle Ensues Outside Sugar Bowl

  1. kahuna mahaloa says:

    I got one of thos leis and the paint wore off it feel bad for this guy

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